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Promote your website for free by using the search engine submission forms below. Submissions normally take between 2-8 weeks to be added to the search engines' databases. As free search engine submissions are not guaranteed we recommend resubmitting your website once every month until your website is added. For information about the different types of search engines and how they work click here. If you have any questions please email us using our Contact Us form.


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Important Notice

It is recommended that only 10 search engines are selected at any one time. Selecting over 10 or all search engines may result in response delays. Please allow up to 60 seconds for the submission process to complete.

Other Direct Submission Pages

Some search engines don't allow remote submissions to their indexes so you'll need to go directly to their websites.

Submit to the Open Directory Project
Submit to Phonebook Local Search Australia
Submit to My Search Australia
Submit to Splat Search
Submit to the Internet Resource Exchange
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