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Web Promotion Tools & Affiliate Programs


We have compiled a list of the most effective web promotion tools and affiliate programs found on the Internet. Most of these free tools and programs require you to have a 'finished' website (not under construction) and have a domain name. Most programs will not accept free hosted sites such as Geocites, Angelfire or the free web space your ISP provides you with. If you any questions or comments please send us an email using our Contact Us form.


Free Affiliate Programs

Below is a list of affiliate programs that will pay you for advertising products and services on your website. These pay on either a 'pay per click', 'pay per registration' or 'pay per sale' system.

Google AdSense Publisher Program

The Google AdSense program is essentially a pay per click program paid by its AdWords advertisers. All ads displayed are chosen by Google's advanced algorithm which directly relate to the content on your page. Google's program is by far the best and most lucrative advertising program on the web.

Click here to join Google AdSense

Lunapages Web Hosting Affiliate Program

The Lunapages affiliate program is one of the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs on the web. They will pay a massive USD$52.00 for each paying customer you refer to them. If you can refer more than 10 customers per month they will substantially increase the commission payout per customer.
Click here to join Lunapages
Direct Response Affiliate Program

Earn unlimited amounts of revenue cash with this top rated affiliate program. Direct Response offer 'pay per click', 'pay per lead' and 'pay per sale' programs. This program currently has over 15,000 subscribers.

Click here to join Direct Response
Websponsors Affiliate Program

Websponsors offer a 'pay per action' affiliate program. They have a large advertiser base with many different products and services to choose from. Currently they have over 3000 advertiser's products in their line up.

Click here to join Websponsors.com

Free Web Promotion Tools

Below is a list of websites that offer free web promotion tools that can help you to increase traffic to your site.

Exit Exchange Pop Behind System

Dramatically increase your website traffic with Exit Exchange's free, patented and proven method of pop behinds. Unlike pop ups which pop in front of the user's browser this system discretely pops up behind the browser making it non intrusive.

Click here to join Exit Exchange
TrafficSwam.com Traffic Share System

TrafficSwarm.com offer a system not too un-similar to Exit Exchange's system but instead of popping up an entire web page they only pop up a small page of links.

Click here to join TrafficSwarm.com


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